• 【5 daily restrictions】 Fifth generation Tianban pole

      【5 daily restrictions】 Fifth generation Tianban pole

      5550 yen

      Limited bowl of five meals a day! Try it!

  • Bowl of rice and fried fish

    • Five Bottles of Bowls

      Five Bottles of Bowls

      2500 Yen

      The ultimate bowl of rice bowl with seasonal ingredients gathered

    • Bowl of rice balls

      Bowl of rice balls

      1400 yen

      Seasonal fish, stir-fried squid, two shrimp.* Please ask the staff for fish in season.

    • Bowl of rice

      Bowl of rice

      1900 yen

      One Confucius, Kakiage of Squid, One Shrimp, Vegetable

    • Bowl of bowls

      Bowl of bowls

      2300 yen

      One Confucius, Small Shrimp, Scallop, Kakiage of White Fish, Two Shrimps, Three Vegetables

    • Shrimp Tendon

      Shrimp Tendon

      2300 yen

      Seven shrimps, three vegetables

    • Confucius bowl

      Confucius bowl

      2300 yen

      Two Confucius, three vegetables

    • Kakiage bowl

      Kakiage bowl

      2300 yen

      Small shrimps, scallops, big fried eggs of white fish, vegetables 2 varieties

    • Squid bowl

      Squid bowl

      1400 yen

      Two fried squid fried squid, three vegetables

    • Children's bowl

      Children's bowl

      700 yen

      One shrimp, small shrimp, scallop, small fried egg white fish, vegetables

    • Vegetable on rice

      Vegetable on rice

      1300 yen

      Two vegetables four each

    • Tambourin violet

      Tambourin violet

      1600 yen

      One Confucius, One Shrimp, Three Vegetables, Less of Rice * Recommended for Women

    • Plateful

      100 yen
    • rice

      200 yen
    • Heavenly tea

      Heavenly tea

      700 yen
  • Japanese fritter

    • Fifth generation Tempura

      Fifth generation Tempura

      2500 Yen

      Ultimate Tempura where the seasonal ingredients gathered

    • Vegetable Heaven

      Vegetable Heaven

      1300 yen

      Two vegetables five varieties

    • Kakigome heaven

      Kakigome heaven

      2300 yen

      Small shrimps, scallops, big fried eggs of white fish, three kinds of vegetables

    • In the temple

      In the temple

      1900 yen

      Seasonal ingredients, fried squid, two shrimps, three vegetables

    • Above the temple

      Above the temple

      2500 Yen

      Confucius, seasonal ingredients, three shrimps, four kinds of vegetables

  • Temple single item

    • Red ginger

      Red ginger

      150 yen
    • Mentaiko big cigar

      Mentaiko big cigar

      300 yen
    • shrimp


      300 yen
    • conger eel

      conger eel

      1000 yen
    • Kaeda of small prawn, scallop and white fish

      Kaeda of small prawn, scallop and white fish

      300 yen
    • Kakiage of squid

      Kakiage of squid

      300 yen
    • Hamburg cheese

      Hamburg cheese

      300 yen
  • Bowl

    • Soup


      150 yen
    • Nameko Bowl

      Nameko Bowl

      200 yen
    • Miso bowl

      Miso bowl

      150 yen
  • pickles

    • Pickles Assorted

      Pickles Assorted

      450 yen
    • Oshika of cabbage

      Oshika of cabbage

      450 yen
    • Odori of dried bean paste

      Odori of dried bean paste

      800 yen
    • Yamato pickled yam

      Yamato pickled yam

      300 yen
    • Wasabi cucumber

      Wasabi cucumber

      300 yen
  • A la carte dish

    • Sashimi


      750 yen
    • Grated Shirasu

      Grated Shirasu

      450 yen
    • Akko special special oversized boiled egg

      Akko special special oversized boiled egg

      1200 yen
    • NAME Tamako

      NAME Tamako

      450 yen
    • Jellyfish vinegar

      Jellyfish vinegar

      450 yen
    • I plate

      I plate

      450 yen
    • Confucius bone crackers

      Confucius bone crackers

      300 yen

      We may not be able to offer depending on the purchasing situation of Confucius.

    • Sashimi platter

      Sashimi platter

      1350 yen
    • Thick-baked eggs

      Thick-baked eggs

      350 yen
    • Boiled egg-fried egg

      Boiled egg-fried egg

      650 yen
    • Mountain tuna

      Mountain tuna

      450 yen
    • Shrimp bowl

      Shrimp bowl

      550 yen
    • Radish salad

      Radish salad

      450 yen
    • Aki Hikaru

      Aki Hikaru

      250 yen

      Used specially made use